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Handling opportunities across Asia

Handling opportunities across Asia

The Unit Load Device (ULD) market has changed a lot since the early days. The level of efficiency, professionalism, and global network that is offered for ULD management today is significantly higher. 

One of the main drivers in all this time has been digitalisation. And there is a continued push ahead in this field. For Jettainer, IT solutions have always been key to ensuring the availability of ULDs for customers while moving them as efficiently as possible. Intelligently collecting and analysing data is at the heart of what the ULD management provider does. This means that Jettainer not only knows exactly where the units are but can also make the most efficient control decisions. Using big data and AI to improve operations even further, there is a commitment to continue to build on this technology, implementing new opportunities whenever they add value for customers. 

Sustainability, another important factor in development, has always been an integral part of Jettainer’s operations. Efficient management ensures that fewer ULDs are required overall and fewer ULDs are needed to be positioned empty, and customers’ freight space can be better utilised, constantly working to develop lighter solutions that save fuel, costs, and CO2.

“Our focus is on quality, reliability, transparency, and maximum efficiency. In this respect, we make no compromises,” Thorsten Riekert, Chief Commercial Officer at Jettainer, declared.

“When you choose Jettainer, you can rely 100  percent on our service promise. We look at each customer individually and manage dedicated fleets tailored to the cusomer’s specific needs. 

“At the same time, cross-customer synergy effects are created that bring additional benefits in terms of efficiency and reliability.

“In addition, our range of services, from short-term leasing and dedicated management of individual cool containers to the complete management of the entire ULD fleet with special packages for smaller and larger customers covers every airline that needs ULD support.”

Intermodal interest

Jettainer’s growth trajectory in the Asia Pacific region over the past few years reflects its commitment to expanding its services and establishing a strong presence in this key market. Despite challenges such as airlines’ preference for in-house ULD management, Jettainer has seen a notable shift as more carriers recognise the benefits of outsourcing. Cost efficiency and operational flexibility are driving this change. 

 China is one of the most important nations in world trade and also in air transport. However, the fact that the China +1 strategy is now creating greater momentum in the APAC countries could increase the demand for ULDs for the transport of goods between APAC countries and their global trading partners, requiring close monitoring of market dynamics and swift adaptation of strategies.

“An important service alongside outsourced ULD management is our ULD leasing service lease&fly. With this product, Jettainer offers rapid assistance with ULD requirements and at the same time an entry into ULD management, with great opportunities to establish and expand local connections,” Elfi Chik, General Manager Sales North Asia at Jettainer, explained.

“We see demand in Asia for both short- and long-term leasing, for example, for start-up airlines. To further support its growth plans in APAC, Jettainer has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with PACTL West, the ground handler for Shanghai Pudong International Airport. 

“This agreement includes the opening of a new hub for the lease&fly ULD leasing service at Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG), with PACTL West responsible for the handling and the storage of ULDs.” 

Currently and in the future, we see the greatest growth potential in Asia. The market there is still dominated by in-house solutions,” Thorsten added. “We have broadened our base by hiring new staff, establishing local sites, and acquiring a great deal of local expertise, and we are convinced that we can continue to grow in this part of the world.”

 “We are currently present in Singapore and Hong Kong. These cities will be our gateways to Asia. We have strengthened our team in Hong Kong because it is an important launch pad for Jettainer’s expansion in mainland China, which is part of our overall strategy to grow in Asia. 

“From Singapore, Jettainer is looking at the Southeast Asian market. With existing customers in Asia, we have already grown our network in the region. It is a very dynamic market, and we want to continue to expand with both our existing and new customers,” he continued.

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