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Halifax Stanfield geared for growth as a Canadian gateway

Halifax Stanfield geared for growth as a Canadian gateway

Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA) reflected on 2017 as a year of “significant” accomplishments, with the airport well positioned for future growth in 2018 and beyond. That was the message at a public meeting from HIAA president and CEO, Joyce Carter.

She said: ““Last year was memorable for many reasons, with record-breaking cargo activity. In addition, we invested $30 million in the maintenance and improvement of the airport’s infrastructure to augment safety and security, enhance the airport experience, support growth, and improve efficiency and productivity.”

In 2017, total revenues rose to $100.2 million. Overall, revenues exceeded expenses in 2017 by $4.9 million. This is before accounting for the non-cash impact of HIAA’s defined benefit pension plan. These results are representative of the modest surplus that HIAA targets each year to provide for unanticipated economic or weather events. Under HIAA’s mandate, this surplus will be reinvested in airport operations and development to improve facilities and services.

It was a record-setting year for cargo, with 34,051 tonnes shipped from the airport, representing a 2.2 per cent increase over 2016. The value of cargo exports from Halifax Stanfield was close to $446 million, an increase of 10.2 per cent over the previous year.

“Our success is the result of the wonderful support that we receive from our many partners who share our vision to develop our airport as a Gateway to Canada, where connecting means the world,” Carter concluded.

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