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HAE Group looks for ways to support customers

HAE Group looks for ways to support customers

Exports from Brazil have been plummeting and economic indicators are not good, but HAE Group will find ways to support customers and airlines.

Alyne Fakuda, country manager for Brazil says HAE Group offers bespoke solutions for customers in Brazil. It operates four divisions that can operate independently or collectively covering GSSA, solutions, training and cargo handling.

She says: “We plan to add more products and carriers in 2020, using our global network. HAE Group has 24 globally, we also plan to import products to take advantage of the growth in that sector.”

HAE Group is the GSA for Ethiopian Cargo in Brazil, and has grown 15% in the first part of 2019.

Fakuda says: “Ethiopian Cargo opened new destinations and is offering a great network to China, India, Middle East and Argentina with fast and strong connectivity in Addis Ababa.”

As a country, exports have been struggling with IATA statistics showing a 58% decline in demand due to weak economic growth, exchange rate volatility and political uncertainty in Argentina. Imports are growing with freighter flights to Sao Paulo Guarulhos.

Despite this, Sao Paulo remains a good place for HAE Group’s Brazilian office.

Fakuda says: “I have the most dynamic economy in Latin America and it is also the main spotlight in Brazil for important economic activities such as: information technology, financial services, health services, and the creative economy. It has an extremely qualified labour force, high standard universities and vibrant cultural life.”

Fakuda says Brazil is an easy country to do business in. She says: “Brazil is a logistics-friendly country considering air logistic once we have many options to connect shipments for all over the world, we have presence from more than fifty airlines operating from all airports. Most of export and import products come to and from South and Southwest where we have good roads to transport the goods.”


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