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GSSAs support the airfreight industry

GSSAs support the airfreight industry

Established in 1997, Euro Cargo Aviation has built up a reputation in the cargo aviation business as an independent GSSA. Offering pro-active communication with airlines and forwarders and local expertise with global market knowledge, the company recognises that its role is much more than sales and marketing.

 It’s important that the airline’s product is supported, and the cargo is managed throughout its journey from arrival into a GSSA’s care until delivery to the client. Euro Cargo Aviation has created “service hubs” across its network that manage the flow of shipments for airlines and communicate to the customer along the route.

 “These service centres are key to ensuring the agent is getting clear updates about their shipments and can be confident that they are managing the end to end process on behalf of the airline,” Hubert van der Laaken, CEO of Euro Cargo Aviation, said.

Relationships are key

This industry changes often and supply chain demands and process will always adapt.

As a GSSA, Euro Cargo Aviation needs to focus on the basics, which are – good customer, supplier and staff relationships, clear information, and process management of the customers cargo to get from origin to destination.

“We adapted well during the disruptions – moving from e-meetings, back to face to face and anything in between. It was important in these periods to have a clear understanding of changes in different regions and to adapt when needed,” van der Laaken stated.

Euro Cargo Aviation considers itself lucky that its team of professionals understand the industry and are career makers. “For sure inflation plays its part and we support our staff with different wage based initiatives – however the key is to remain lean and manage the costs for our client airlines – in each of our service hubs there is a responsibility to manage the cost structures of our client airlines so they can remain competitive,” Stuart Holland, Vice President of Euro Cargo Aviation, explained.

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Controlling costs 

The GSSA sector, like many others, face challenges on a regular basis, requiring them to manage their layers carefully to control costs.

Euro Cargo Aviation’s management team all have roles and reasonability’s in the day to day business and its country level Managing Directors are real entrepreneurs who know how to manage their daily business.

“Managing costs is important to maintain competitive pricing, but we also believe in training younger staff to be the stars of the future and this type of investing will create the best people for the future,” Holland said.

Most crucially, Euro Cargo Aviation has a responsibility to deliver full flights and the best possible yield, at a competitive price whilst managing its clients’ costs.

“However you model this, it’s crucial you have a solid, professional workforce who are motivated – followed by investment in people to manage the flow of cargo. Technology will play a major part in the coming five years – but the industry also needs to be ready to accept it in a greater way,” van der Laaken said.

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Global coverage 

With offices in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania (Baltics), Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, The United Kingdom, Ireland, China, Hong Kong, The United States, United Arab Emirates and Uganda, Euro Cargo Aviation has a global footprint.

“We are strong players in Europe, Africa, USA and Asia – we want to keep evolving in these areas and growing our strong alliances and partnerships – We have more recently started our journey in the Middle East with the start-up of a Dubai office – from here we will plan to expand in this very important region,” van der Laaken highlighted.

“Asia plays an important role in our growth strategy, and we can see some positive growth that we will support and invest in the future,” Holland added.

“Alliances are important and strong partnerships with suppliers – some may prefer the one stop shop environment – but our customers are evolving, and they are flying to new places that are not always on the map of every GSSA – we believe it’s important to have key regions that you have a solid footprint – then work with good partners where needed,” he continued.

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