Thursday, May 23, 2024 and CHOOOSE partner to launch global aviation decarbonisation solution and CHOOOSE partner to launch global aviation decarbonisation solution, the sustainability and impact arm at Flexport, has announced a partnership with CHOOOSE, the leading SaaS platform empowering businesses to integrate climate action into customer experience, to accelerate the decarbonization of air freight. The joint solution will enable Flexport customers to reduce lifecycle emissions through supporting sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). This is part of’s comprehensive suite of climate impact and technology solutions available through the Flexport Platform.

The Flexport and CHOOOSE platforms are integrated via API to provide Flexport customers with a seamless, in-app experience as they evaluate solutions to act on their carbon footprint when booking freight. Through this book-and-claim chain-of-custody model, Flexport customers will be able to purchase certificates that can be applied as direct reductions against their scope three emissions. Scope three emissions are often the largest source of emissions for an organization as they’re outside of a company’s direct control, and are driven by activities like supply chain operations and transportation. Any customer with air shipment emissions will be able to support SAF, regardless of the origin or destination, carrier, or trade lane, and can do so with the confidence that it directly addresses airfreight emissions at the source, instead of relying on alternative paths, such as forestry management, to reduce their lifecycle carbon emissions.

All Flexport customers will have access to the solution within the Flexport Platform’s Sustainability Dashboard. This latest offering is part of Flexport’s comprehensive suite of climate impact and technology solutions that empower customers with the ability to calculate emissions, access reporting, and purchase verified carbon offsets or marine biofuels certificates. Flexport customers can easily track their purchases and monitor their cumulative impact over time.

Cotopaxi, the beloved outdoor apparel brand, has been a long-time collaborator of’s Climate programs. Participating in both product donations and Flexport’s offset program, Cotopaxi’s decision to be a first mover on SAF came as no surprise. “Urgently reducing our transportation emissions across our supply chain remains crucial if we’re to realize our aggressive net zero reduction plan. We are thrilled to use SAF to decrease the footprint from our air shipments with the support of Flexport,” states Annie Agle, Vice President of Impact and Sustainability at Cotopaxi. With Cotopaxi’s investment, the emissions they’ve reduced are equivalent to avoiding over 1,400 gallons of gasoline consumed.

SAF will play a pivotal role in decarbonizing the aviation sector in the coming years. SAF has lower net lifecycle carbon emissions than fossil-based jet fuels (its lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions are typically a fifth of those from conventional jet fuels), it is sustainably produced without depleting natural resources, and it’s compatible with existing aircraft engines – all of which means it has the potential to meaningfully reduce the carbon intensity of flying.

“Sustainable Aviation Fuels are integral to decarbonizing the freight sector. Flexport’s partnership with CHOOOSE will allow our customers to seamlessly address their airfreight emissions in the Flexport Platform,” said Neel Jones Shah, EVP, Global Key Accounts and Chief Customer Officer. “We are an early supporter of CHOOOSE, and Flexport is proud to announce this collaboration and commitment to reducing transportation emissions across our business.”

“CHOOOSE is proud to power Flexport and its customers in addressing air freight carbon emissions. We developed the CHOOOSE API to put impactful climate solutions in the hands of our partners and their customers,” said Andreas Slettvoll, CEO at CHOOOSE. “By offering a seamless emission calculation and purchase experience directly in their platform, Flexport is facilitating the much-needed acceleration of sustainable aviation fuel.”

Flexport strives to reduce its environmental impact within the transportation value chain by working with its customers and partners to develop services that make sustainable options more accessible. A sustainable supply chain is foundational to Flexport’s long-term strategy, and the partnership with CHOOOSE is fundamental to its commitment to deliver tech-driven climate programs for its customers.

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