Saturday, July 20, 2024
World Cargo Symposium Dubai, UAE

World Cargo Symposium Dubai, UAE

The World Cargo Symposium (WCS) is the largest and most prestigious air cargo annual event. The 2024 edition brought 1,949 delegates to Hong Kong (SAR), China.

The next WCS will continue offering plenary sessions, specialized streams, workshops, and executive summits, tackling aspects related to technology, innovation, security, customs, cargo operations, and sustainability.


Who attends?


  • Airlines
  • Solution Providers
  • Airports
  • Ground Handlers
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Training Providers

Why get involved?

Participate in exclusive business, networking, and branding opportunities tailored for over 1,500 industry leaders and decision-makers. Access industry intelligence, staying updated on the latest trends.

  • Premium Brand Exposure: Boost your brand’s visibility.
  • Excellent Networking Opportunities: Engage with key industry figures.
  • Showcase Your Products and Services: Present your offerings to a targeted audience seeking your solutions.
  • Comprehensive Market Insights: Gain a thorough understanding of the latest cargo insights and trends to align your business strategies effectively.
  • Direct Insights from Industry Leaders: Gain firsthand knowledge of the industry priorities, unlocking valuable opportunities.




April 15, 2025


April 17, 2025


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