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Etihad Cargo attains IATA CEIV Lithium Batteries Certification

Etihad Cargo attains IATA CEIV Lithium Batteries Certification

Etihad Cargo, the cargo and logistics arm of Etihad Airways, has achieved the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Centre of Excellence for Independent Validators Lithium Batteries (CEIV Li-batt) certification. The carrier is the third Middle Eastern airline to attain this certification and has become only the fifth airline globally to achieve CEIV Pharma, Fresh, Live Animals and Li-batt certifications.

CEIV Li-batt certification is a globally recognised endorsement, signifying an airline’s capability to handle and transport lithium batteries in accordance with the highest safety and efficiency standards. Certification involves a comprehensive assessment of an airline’s operational processes, staff training programs, and compliance with global safety regulations.

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Etihad Cargo underwent an extensive audit by independent validators, demonstrating the carrier’s commitment to meeting and surpassing industry standards. This certification is a testament to Etihad Cargo’s sophisticated safety management systems, specialised equipment, and a team proficient in the specific logistics of lithium battery shipments. 

Thomas Schürmann, Head of Cargo Operations & Delivery at Etihad Cargo, said: “According to IATA, lithium batteries represent one-third of the dangerous goods transported by air and have become the preferred energy source for a wide variety of consumer goods, including mobile phones, cars, e-bikes and children’s toys. Achieving CEIV Li-batt certification highlights Etihad Cargo’s dedication to maintaining the highest safety and operational excellence standards. This achievement positions the carrier among an elite group of global airlines that are committed to meeting the safety obligations of the lithium battery supply chain through the competent handling and transport of these products. Rounding out the carrier’s suite of CEIV certifications, CEIV Li-batt underscores Etihad Cargo’s commitment to specialised and quality-driven cargo services.”

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Kamil Al Awadhi, IATA’s Regional Vice President for Africa and the Middle East, said: “Consumer demand for items containing lithium batteries is growing rapidly. Handling and transporting these by air comes with stringent regulatory requirements. Adding CEIV Li-batt to its CEIV Fresh, CEIV Pharma and CEIV Live Animals certification means Etihad Cargo is committed to the highest levels of safety and compliance in the transport of dangerous and temperature-sensitive goods. We congratulate the airline on being one of the first airlines in the Middle East to complete the suite of CEIV certifications. Etihad Cargo’s customers can have  confidence that their special cargo will be delivered in top condition.” 

Gaining CEIV Li-batt certification comes at a crucial time when the demand for the safe and secure transportation of lithium batteries, widely used in a range of electronic devices, is surging. Etihad Cargo’s distinction in this area enhances its capability to support the growing needs of industries reliant on these critical components. This milestone also aligns with the carrier’s continuous strategic efforts to expand its product portfolio and adhere to the most stringent international safety and quality standards. Attaining CEIV Li-batt certification fortifies Etihad Cargo’s global standing as the air cargo partner of choice and reinforces its role in facilitating vital aspects of global trade and commerce.

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