Monday, June 24, 2024
Dutch government accused of locking growth out of Schiphol

Dutch government accused of locking growth out of Schiphol

The Dutch aviation industry has published a joint letter condemning the government’s decision to lock capacity at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol until 2021.

The letter, signed by industry bodies including KLM, Martinair, Air Cargo Netherlands and Evofenedex has branded the move “premature and careless”, while warning that neighbouring countries “will gladly welcome Dutch passengers and airfreight”.

The companies who signed the letter accuse the Dutch government of ignoring measures to reduce CO2 at the airport, fleet renewal, the use of alternative fuels and the money invested in insulating homes near Schiphol from noise pollution.

Cartoon published by the Dutch aviation industry

They say: “The government does not seem to pay any attention to all these successful efforts by the aviation sector to further reduce noise and CO2 emissions in the Netherlands.”

Aviation in the Netherlands supports 300,000 jobs, contributing €30 billion to the Gross National Produce, and the companies who signed the letter say that every million extra passenger creates 3,000 additional jobs and every 1,000 tonne of airfreight adds another 15 jobs.

The letter warns: “Now the Dutch aviation industry’s significant growth threatens to flow to airports in the surrounding countries.”

The signatories urge the government to lift what it calls “this irresponsible blockade”, saying: “the following parties intend to consult urgently with the Minister of Infrastructure with the Minister for Infrastructure in order to quickly reach suitable agreements whereby the efforts of aviation make it possible to increase capacity at Schiphol in a responsible and sustainable manner.”

The letter was signed by the Board of Airline Representatives in the Netherlands, KLM, easyjet, Transavia, Vereniging Nederlandse Verkeersvliegers, TUI, Corendon, ANVR, De Unie, Verenigeng van KLM Professionals, Vereniging Nederlands Cabinepersonneel, Martinair, Air Cargo Netherlands, Evofenedex and Transport Logistics Netherlands.


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