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Don’t miss the ACW/ Zebra Webinar

Don’t miss the ACW/ Zebra Webinar

We our pleased to announce the success of our first webinar in collaboration with Zebra Technologies that was held on 27th January. Thank you to everyone that joined and interacted.

The knowledgeable panel from Zebra, Pankaj Shukla, Stephan Pottel and Jonathan Fulton shared insights in to how to optimise cargo operations to increase efficiency and profitability.

The company, which has spent $444million on research and development, specialises in end-to-end innovative technologies that can be integrated into other systems or stand-alone.

Zebra’s SmartPack Container aims to satisfy what Pottel labelled the “clear demand to utilise optimisation of existing assets.” In regards to aircraft, this means making the most of capacity, a task especially important in the current climate.

SmartPack consists of a Load Monitoring Unit (LMU) made of RGB cameras and 3D sensors, which is mounted in the area where ULD container or pallets are stacked. The unit then transmits the captured data and images to the analytics server software, which users can access on the tablet through the dashboard.

The LMU takes measurements every 15 seconds, giving the user a real time view of cargo. It calculates load metrics, generates real time load fullness and volumetric efficiency data and provides live alerts and insights. It can also be used to effectively load the ULD to optimise space.

This promotes more informed decision making with analytics to help improve processes and procedures.

Fulton explained how Zebra’s MotionWorks similarly can be used in cargo settings to track ground support equipment on the flight line and tarmac.

Sensing hardware located on the equipment feeds information on to the platform, which can be viewed on a tablet and provides data aggregation, mapping and general asset tracking.

This aids efficiency as equipment can be properly placed in advance of arrival flight. This results in faster gate turns, as well as efficiency when searching for specific vehicles for maintenance.

Fulton notes that MotionWorks can lead to 17% more items being handled in a day by a single forklift driver.

To find out more about how you can optimise payloads, watch the full webinar above.


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