Monday, June 17, 2024
dnata digitises with Descartes

dnata digitises with Descartes

Descartes Systems Group has announced that dnata is using Descartes CORE BLE real-time tracking solution to help manage its mobile assets for cargo handling at airports.

By digitising the tracking process, the solution provides dnata with greater asset visibility to allow for more effective movement of air cargo at airports.

“Airports have very dynamic, fast-moving operations and being able to service our airline and freight forwarder customers effectively requires us to make sure we know the location of dollies and other air cargo assets at all times,” said Kevin Walsh, manager operational support services at dnata.

“The Descartes CORE BLE solution has given us location visibility in real-time, allowing us to better maximise asset utilisation and minimise losing sight of them, which can be a challenge at the world’s largest airports. As part of our digitisation strategy, we were also able to successfully launch a real-time shipment tracking pilot and are poised to offer it as a service.”

The Descartes CORE BLE real-time tracking solution combines Descartes CORE BLE tags that are applied to mobile assets and readers that capture the movement of the assets. The readers use mesh-networking technology to improve coverage resilience and, through the use of solar power, can be placed throughout an airport because they do not need a power source.

Part of the Descartes CORE BLE Network, a Descartes Global Logistics Network service, the readers are available through Descartes’ Open Network Initiative for air tracking, which also supports non-Descartes tags.

The tracking data helps ground handlers better understand the location of cargo handling assets, better match capacity with asset inventory, and reduce the costs associated with misplaced equipment or the requirement to lease additional assets.

Using the Descartes solution, air shipments bundled into a single ULD container or pallet can also be tracked in real-time to help ground handler customers, such as air carriers and freight forwarders, automate freight location visibility. In addition to shipment location, other sensor-based information, such as precise temperature, movement and humidity, can be monitored.

“With the high shipping volumes the industry is experiencing, getting the most from existing air cargo handling assets is critical to keep freight moving,” said Glenn Palanacki, vice president, industry strategy at Descartes. “We are pleased to provide dnata with real-time asset visibility to help gain better control of those assets and serve its customers better.”


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