Monday, May 20, 2024
DHL to build new logistics centre at Riga Airport

DHL to build new logistics centre at Riga Airport

DHL Latvia has signed cooperation agreements with Riga Airport and real estate developer Castor Construction to build one of the most advanced logistics centres in Europe.

The agreement to provide a regional DHL shipment processing and logistics centre covering 4,500 sq m will see DHL Express move to the new terminal and have a new sorting facility allowing for more efficient shipment handling.

Energy-efficient solutions are planned for the new terminal, and DHL will operate a fleet of electric vehicles.

Ilona Līce, chairperson of Riga Airport’s board says: “Considering the rapidly changing dynamics of air cargo shipments, the main and decisive role in attracting and developing the international cargo logistics solution at Riga Airport is the development of low-cost infrastructure, high quality of services, clear and simple customs procedures, and added value that based on innovations can be created by cargo companies and regulatory authorities.”

Tālis Linkaits, Latvia’s minister of transport says: “DHL’s choice to build its regional cargo logistics centre in Riga is an evidence to the high competitiveness of our Airport and our ability to attract leading international logistics players.”

Krists Ezeriņš, operations director for DHL Latvia says €12 million will be invested in the facility, saying: “The agreement with the investor for the lease of the terminal has been concluded for a period of 10 years, with an option to extend it to 15-20 years. This is an important year for DHL, we just celebrated the 50th anniversary of DHL’s founding and 25 years of its operations in Latvia.”

Infrastructure is being developed at Riga Airport, with a new cargo apron doubling handling capacity, which along with DHL’s new facility, will make it a more attractive location, the airport operator says.


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