Friday, June 21, 2024
DHL expands temperature controlled facilities at Brussels Airport

DHL expands temperature controlled facilities at Brussels Airport

DHL Global Forwarding Belgium has expanded its Brussels Airport facility, with the temperature controlled area growing to 5,300 square metre area.

The temperature controlled warehouse area now has 2,700 pallet positions spilt over three temperature zones, the largest for goods to be handled between 15-25C.

DHL Global Forwarding (DGF) Belgium is the first station worldwide to be Thermonet certified, the official standard DGF standard for handling temperature controlled movements.

The facility also allows in-house screening through x-ray or EDD ensuring cargo is secured without additional external handling.

DHL Global Forwarding Belgium physical operations director, Charles De Vuyst says: “We have seen a growing demand for pharmaceutical goods and devices which previously were handled as general cargo but now demand a strict temperature handling. We needed to respond quickly. We are proud we managed to build this extension in only 3 months’ time meanwhile ensuring business continuity.”

Brussels Airport head of cargo, Steven Polmans says: “Brussels Airport welcomes this initiative, which increases and pushes forward industry standards. This investment is completely aligned with the strategic focus of Brussels Airport on offering a best in class service for pharmaceutical shipments.”

Brussels was the first airport in the world to implement International Air Transport Association Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) certification across the community, and Brussels Airport cargo & product development manager, Nathan De Valck says: “DHL Global Forwarding has successfully obtained the CEIV pharma certification. This guarantees an unbroken cool chain through the airport, standardised handling procedures, bigger transparency and results in a reduced risk for temperature deviations.”

He adds: “Even the transport on the tarmac is included in this coolchain with the deployment of the Airside Pharma Transporters, making Brussels Airport the only fully integrated airport pharma platform.”

Brussels Airport launched Pharma.Aero in 2016 in collaboration with pharmaceutical shippers and other airports to achieve reliable end-to-end air transport for pharma cargo by fostering collaboration between CEIV Pharma certified airport communities.


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