Friday, May 24, 2024
Descartes helps Air NZ keep track of its ULDs

Descartes helps Air NZ keep track of its ULDs

Air New Zealand is keeping track of its ULD fleet through the use of the Descartes Core Unit Load Device Tracking solution.

The next-generation Bluetooth-enabled solution helps carriers automate freight tracking, increase operating efficiencies and improve asset management by providing real-time visibility.

Using mobile technology, carriers scan Bluetooth tags fixed to ULDs prior to loading, with the Descartes Core Bluetooth Low Energy network providing accurate location information and other data such as temperature, movement, humidity, light and fire.

Jonathon Dale, manager commercial – cargo commercial and ventures at Air New Zealand says that with the growth of e-commerce, traditional manual practices are no longer sufficient.

He says: “With the Descartes system, we now have a digital solution to identify the exact location of an air freight container and the status of its load at any given moment. The ability to continuously and automatically track air freight is a powerful boost to customer service and helps to significantly reduce the costs of air cargo operations.”

Ian Craig, vice president – product management at Descartes Systems Group says: “With the broadest reach and network coverage in the industry, and the ability to tag and track ULDs in real-time, air carriers have the means to provide customers with the accurate and real-time cargo updates they are demanding in an era where the ability to report on the movement of goods has never been more critical to supply chain operations.”


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