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DAKOSY develops an app for dangerous goods declarations via INFr8

DAKOSY develops an app for dangerous goods declarations via INFr8

Hamburg-based software company DAKOSY is expanding the INFr8 shipping portal to a mobile application. Beginning in the middle of the second quarter 2020, customers will be able to use the so-called INFr8 app, an extension of the original platform which was developed jointly with Fraport. This will provide users with the best possible support in handling dangerous goods declarations and will make processes faster, more transparent and more secure. The app will be available for Android and iOS devices.

“Our customers expect us to understand their processes and develop intelligent solutions to meet their needs. Mobile applications that are integrated into our clients’ everyday work have proven most effective. It was therefore a logical step for us to expand the INFr8 shipping portal in that direction,” says Anne Ebeling, project manager for INFr8 at DAKOSY. She adds: “With the app, we make linking and transparency along the entire process chain even easier and more targeted. Users want to be informed proactively and as early as possible if there are discrepancies in their documentation. We can meet this requirement perfectly with the INFr8 mobile solution.”

The app is based on the design of the INFr8 web application.In addition to a configurable overview of ongoing processes, it also includes a dashboard that shows the logistical and technical milestones achieved, and more. Push notifications inform users about rejected eDGDs (electronic dangerous goods declarations), for example, and other current events.

In the next phase, the app will be expanded with additional functions. The main focus is on the interlinking of all modes of transport, especially for air and sea transport. However, the integration of IATA checklists and their adaptation for mobile devices is also to be implemented into the second development stage of the app.

The INFr8 shipping portal, which went live at the beginning of 2020, digitalises and standardises the legally-required DGD (Dangerous Goods Declaration). As an eDGD, it can be checked early on in the process and quickly corrected if necessary. This avoids time delays and ensures the smooth flow of dangerous goods. The platform can thus be seen as a key element in the IATA (International Air Transport Association) initiative for completely paperless freight transport. The industry-wide initiative involves transport companies, freight forwarders and ground handlers as well as shippers, Customs agents and Customs authorities.

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