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Comprehensive solutions for challenging shipments

Comprehensive solutions for challenging shipments

In an increasingly complex logistics landscape, Challenge Group has presented an end-to-end solution to simplify the process for customers. With a focus on specialised and challenging shipments, the company offers a comprehensive suite of services that address unique delivery needs across various industries.  

By partnering with trusted providers and maintaining control over the entire supply chain, Challenge Group has gained recognition for its ability to deliver seamless logistics solutions. “Our value proposition revolves around providing an end-to-end solution, and our goal is to achieve operational excellence,” Or Zak, Challenge Group’s CCO said. 

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Specialist shipments  

Challenge Group specialises in handling a wide range of challenging shipments, having developed significant expertise in and catering to the specific requirements of niche elements of the airfreight market.  

“65% of our business is based on complex verticals, such as temperature controlled, aerospace, automotive, heavy & oversize, live animals, with a particular emphasis on horses,” Zak highlighted.  

To ensure operational excellence and comprehensive supply chain coverage in this area, Challenge Group has forged strategic partnerships. By leveraging subsidiaries within the group, they maintain control over the entire logistics process. Challenge Handling handles packaging, crating, sorting, and storing of goods, while Challenge Logistics focuses on customs clearance, distribution, and first/last mile delivery.   

“We firmly believe that by maintaining control over the entire supply chain through our subsidiaries, and when necessary, partnering with top tier suppliers who meet our standards, we can effectively accomplish this objective,” Zak continued.  

“We have full control which means we manage everything including network planning, loadmaster operations and handling. In addition to that, we are able to perform maintenance, which is one of the pain points when it comes to OTP. This can be carried out in house by Challenge Technics, Challenge Group’s latest acquisition.” 

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Notable shift 

Challenge Group’s end-to-end service covers a wide range of commodities, addressing their unique delivery requirements. “Challenge Group truly demonstrates its capability and expertise in handling the majority of shipments that fall under complex verticals. These shipments require specific tools and equipment, and it is in this domain that Challenge Group excels, showcasing its proficiency and expertise,” Zak said. 

The demand for end-to-end services has seen a notable shift in recent years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, disruptions in the supply chain and congestion in sea freight prompted a switch to airfreight. However, freight forwarders faced difficulties in sourcing third-party providers for supplementary ancillary services. “Once Challenge Group had introduced its comprehensive end-to-end solution, industry stakeholders quickly recognised its value and expressed a reluctance to revert to the previous model. The old model was deemed less efficient, less sustainable, and more costly in comparison,” Zak added. 

With this increased demand, Challenge Group has witnessed significant growth in its charter business. The department experiences high demand for time-critical shipments involving large and heavy equipment, as well as the transportation of sizeable livestock. “These shipments often require quick action, starting from promptly responding to initial inquiries, arranging operations, obtaining traffic rights, handling logistics, and ensuring efficient pick-up and delivery processes are in place,” he explained. 

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