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Coastair is in the right place

Coastair is in the right place

Located in the south of Belgium, Liege Airport is one of the few airports not posting grim results at the moment, making it an ideal location for Coastair.

Managing director Ronny Samaey tells Air Cargo Week that business is performing well, with two new routes and the opening of Skyhouse, Coastair’s second line warehouse in Liege.

He is confident about the rest of the year on Lagos, Jinan and New York John F. Kennedy routes and 2020 will see more African destinations.

The location puts Coastair in a strong position, with Samaey saying: “We could not have been positioned better! A full cargo airport connecting North-South-East-West … with our Skyhouse in the middle.”

Liege Airport is one of the few airports in Europe not to be posting negative monthly figures at the moment, and Coastair is doing its best to make sure it’s all positive.

Samaey says: “Coastair has had Imperial Cargo with direct flights to Lagos for the past 11 years. This year we added two new routings (TNA/JFK) and we opened a second line warehouse.”

Coastair is not standing still and is determined to continue growing. Samaey says: “Starting 2021 we want to be recognised as a firm partner for airlines and cargo agents who trust their cargo will be handled well through Skyhouse. Optimisation of the client’s load, building better pallets using manpower who care, who understand how the business works and to be proud of what they have built.”

A company can have the best infrastructure, but it needs to be staffed by the right people. Samaey says the knowledge of cargo is good in Belgium and the staff are willing to go the extra mile.

He comments: “Good staff comes with a price … but then again you get experienced and loyal staff … Yes, it is great to be in Liege.”


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