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Celebrating 35 Years of Singapore Airlines’ Cargo Operations at Brussels Airport

Celebrating 35 Years of Singapore Airlines’ Cargo Operations at Brussels Airport

Singapore Airlines (SIA) started its cargo operations at Brussels Airport on 4 September 1988. This year, SIA has been operating full freighter flights at Brussels Airport for 35 years, making them the longest operating cargo airline at the airport. Known for their “round the world” cargo flights, customer centricity and smooth operations, SIA is a key partner for Brussels Airport. In 2025 they plan to start operations with the new Airbus A350 freighter, the most sustainable freighter aircraft. Singapore Airlines started its full freighter operations at Brussels Airport on 4 September 1988. Today, 35 years later, Singapore Airlines is still present as an important cargo partner. Singapore Airlines is known for its “around the world” cargo flights, flying from Asia to the US, and then back to Singapore via Brussels and the Middle East. (Operating Singapore – Brussels Airport 5 times a week.) Singapore Airlines offers reliable operations with a focus on the customer and carries various types of cargo. From the US, they fly in electronics, perishables and general cargo. Departing from Brussels, they carry pharmaceuticals and oversized cargoes, large machines and machine parts needed in Asia. There are two divisions of Singapore Airlines at Brussels Airport: not only the local organisation but also the European headquarters of Singapore Airlines’ cargo operations is located at Brucargo. The customer focus of both partners thus comes into full play, delivering top-notch service for the end customer, who wishes to get their valuable goods to their final destination on time and in the best conditions. The future of Singapore Airlines looks bright and sustainable, as they will be the launching carrier for the brand-new Airbus A350 freighter. After many years of research and development and testing, followed by a meticulous manufacturing process, the first deliveries of this aircraft are scheduled for early 2025. This new aircraft from Airbus is packed with the best and latest technologies that will make transport by air even more economical and sustainable than ever before. Geert Aerts, Chief Cargo & Real Estate Officer Brussels Airport:“Our warm congratulations to Singapore Airlines with this 35-years anniversary. After all these years, we have built a very close and friendly cooperation between Singapore Airlines and Brussels Airport. We would like to thank them for their trust and look forward to continuing our successful collaboration in the years to come, with a shared focus on more sustainable cargo operations.” Bockchuan Tiong, Regional Cargo Vice President Europe Singapore Airlines: “Cheers to 35 years of soaring success and unwavering partnership! Singapore Airlines Cargo’s remarkable 35-year presence at Brussels Airport has been a journey of excellence, reliability, and shared accomplishments. Here’s to the skies we’ve conquered together, shared success and the horizons we’ll continue to explore. Thank you, Brussels Airport, for being an invaluable partner on this remarkable voyage.”

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