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Cargo Flash onboards Safari Express on Octogen

Cargo Flash onboards Safari Express on Octogen

Kenyan airline Safari Express Cargo has taken a bold step towards enhancing its cargo management capabilities by partnering with Cargo Flash Infotech, a leading provider of air logistics IT solutions. Through this strategic collaboration, Safari Express Cargo Ltd. aims to avail the comprehensive Octogen’s package, a cutting-edge cargo management system designed to optimize operations and provide a seamless experience for its customers.

As per the recent agreement, Cargo Flash will deliver the Octogen’s CMS broadly classified into the Reservation, Operation and alongside some significant add-ons. The Package includes Customer Management, Cargo booking & operation, Rating Management, Schedule Management, Capacity Management, Stock Management, EDI and Tracking.

The recently introduced “Octogen” is a modular-based Cargo Management System catering to the entire Air Cargo domain, globally, especially the Airlines. Octogen allows the customer to choose from the list of modules that are required as per their business needs and pay only for the processes, which they pick for implementation. Through Octogen, Cargo Flash will allow Safari Express Cargo Ltd. to scale up its cargo sales & operation whilst enlarging its network furthermore.

“We are excited about our collaboration with Cargo Flash Infotech,” says Moses Nzomo, Account Manager Safari Express Cargo Ltd. By adopting the Octogen’s advanced tools and modules, we are committed to elevating our cargo management services to new heights. This partnership aligns with our vision of staying at the forefront of innovation and providing our customers with a seamless cargo experience.”

Adding to this motivation, Poonam Faridi, Business Head -Octogen says, “We are proud to support Safari Express Cargo Ltd. in their mission to enhance cargo management. With our state-of-the-art Octogen’s CMS package, Safari Express Cargo Ltd. will be empowered to optimize its cargo operations, boost revenue, and strengthen its position in the regional airline industry.”

The partnership with Cargo Flash Infotech comes at a time when Safari Express is experiencing a surge in cargo demand and aiming to expand its cargo division’s capabilities significantly. By integrating the Octogen solutions, Safari Express seeks to achieve unmatched operational efficiency, bolstered customer satisfaction, and seamless cargo handling across its network.

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