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Cargo banned from the cabin

Cargo banned from the cabin

Holiday makers are being reminded about hand luggage items that could get confiscated and cause a delay to journeys, as people start to venture abroad again. Experts at International Citizens Insurance are reminding Brits about the restrictions in place when travelling with a cabin case.

Seven items banned from hand luggage 

As travel restrictions gradually begin to ease passengers are being warned to ensure they don’t fall foul of hand luggage banned items.

Experts at International Citizens Insurance warn that although taking on only hand luggage may reduce flight prices, not fully reading the restrictions issued by airlines could cause a lot of upset upon arrival at security.

Items which travellers will want to leave out of their hand luggage include baby food and hair dye.

A spokesperson from International Citizens Insurance said: “Ensuring everything you pack at home is allowed onto the plane is an easy way to prevent a stressful experience once you reach the airport. Some items you might not think as a problem when packing, but when safety is considered it becomes clear why they aren’t allowed in hand luggage.

“Having items removed from you and potentially being handed a fine is not how you want to start, or end, your trip away. Each airline may have different restrictions, so it’s important to check every time you fly.”

Here is the run down on banned hand luggage items from International Citizens Insurance research.

1. Hair dye

If changing your hair colour was at the top of your holiday list, think again. The chemical Peroxide found within the dye is banned from airplanes.

2. Marmite

Due to the consistency of the spread, no more than 100ml can be carried onto the plane in hand luggage. Similar home-comforts such as jams and honey also fall foul of the liquid restrictions.

3. Corkscrew

If you were planning on having a bottle of wine or two once you reached your destination, it would be best to keep to screw caps, or buy a corkscrew once you arrive.

4. Frozen food

What might have been frozen when you placed it into your bag could be de-frosted once you reach check-in. This means that you could be in breach of the 100ml of liquid limit on flights.

5. Baby food

If you are travelling without a baby, items such as baby food and sterilised water are not allowed in hand luggage. You are, however, able to take enough of these items for the journey if you’re travelling with a baby.

6. Electronic devices with no charge

If you cannot turn on your devices when requested by security personnel, they can take it from you, placing your holidays snaps in jeopardy.

7. Walking Poles

If your idea of a perfect holiday is to spend the time hiking and taking in the scenery, your poles need to be stored in the hold or bought/rented once the plane has landed.

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