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Building an ecosystem for synchromodal air cargo

Building an ecosystem for synchromodal air cargo

Air cargo is the invisible backbone of our global economy, transporting goods across continents at breathtaking speed. Yet, when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, it’s not just speed that matters; it’s precision, quality, and reliability. This is where Pharma.Aero steps in, transforming the air cargo landscape by focusing on building an ecosystem that ensures synchromodal transportation for life-saving pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.

Synchromodal approach

Pharma.Aero takes a synchromodal approach to air cargo. This means coordinating multiple modes of transportation – air, sea, and land – seamlessley and efficiently. It’s like conducting an orchestra, where each mode of transport harmonises to perform its part. The aim is to ensure that pharmaceutical products are transported with precision and care, regardless of how many different paths they take to reach their destination.

Through robust cross-industry collaboration, Pharma.Aero brings together a diverse range of stakeholders: airports, airlines, seaports, shipping companies, freight forwarders, ground handlers, and life science manufacturers. This holistic approach creates an ecosystem where each component of the supply chain works in unison, enhancing efficiency and ensuring product integrity.

Quality and compliance 

Quality and compliance are the foundation of Pharma.Aero’s ecosystem. The organisation places a strong emphasis on meeting regulatory requirements and maintaining the highest standards throughout the supply chain. With pharmaceuticals, even a minor deviation in temperature or handling can have serious consequences, so quality control is paramount.

Pharma.Aero’s commitment to quality has driven the adoption of key certifications like IATA CEIV Pharma and Good Distribution Practice (GDP). By encouraging airports and logistics providers to pursue these certifications, Pharma.Aero ensures that the entire ecosystem is equipped to handle the stringent demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

Innovation and collaboration

Pharma.Aero isn’t just content with maintaining the status quo; the organisation is a catalyst for innovation. The Pharma Logistics Masterclass (PLMC™), developed in partnership with the University of Antwerp, is a prime example of this spirit. It’s a space where industry professionals, academics, and researchers can share knowledge and discuss the latest trends in the life sciences supply chain.

One of the most exciting areas of innovation is the use of digital technologies to create a more transparent and secure supply chain. By exploring solutions like blockchain, Pharma.Aero aims to provide an immutable record of every step in the transportation process. This not only helps reduce fraud and increase accountability but also contributes to a more resilient ecosystem.

Sustainable future

Pharma.Aero’s vision extends beyond current industry requirements. The organisation is actively promoting sustainability within the air cargo ecosystem. By encouraging eco-friendly practices and exploring ways to reduce the carbon footprint of pharmaceutical transportation, Pharma.Aero is aligning itself with the broader push towards environmental responsibility. 

A unified ecosystem 

Pharma.Aero’s impact on the air cargo industry is undeniable. By building a unified ecosystem and embracing synchromodal transportation, the organisation is redefining what it means to transport pharmaceuticals and other life science products. Through a focus on quality, compliance, and innovation, Pharma.Aero is creating a supply chain that can meet the demands of an ever-evolving healthcare industry.

As we look to the future Pharma.Aero will continue to lead the way, fostering collaboration, and driving new standards for excellence. The goal is simple yet profound: to ensure that life-saving medications and critical healthcare products reach those who need them most, no matter where they are in the world.


Frank Van Gelder
Secretary General of Pharma.Aero


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