Sunday, June 23, 2024
Broker programme is OK: BACA

Broker programme is OK: BACA

Baltic Air Charter Association (BACA) has officially endorsed a new version of the the Argus International certified charter broker programme for Europe.

The Argus broker programme is for auditing and complying with industry best practices and regulations. Argus International provides data and information to the aviation industry.  BACA endorsed in 2014 a previous version available in the US. Argus now has two European-based auditors available to conduct audits for a European charter broker programme. 

The programme has two levels of recognition, registered and certified. A registered broker provides documented proof of requirements and has an annual pledge commitment to adhere to best practices and regulations.  A certified broker does this and undergoes an on-site audit once every two years to prove compliance. BACA chairman, Tony Coe, says: “Being very familiar with Argus and their charter operator rating and TripCHEQ [company credential check] programmes, we were very intrigued to learn more about their certified charter broker programme.”

Argus chief executive officer, Joe Moeggenberg, says: “Argus has tremendous respect for BACA’s reputation and influence in the air charter brokerage industry, and we feel honoured to receive their endorsement.”

BACA deputy chairman, Volker Meissner, says: “When Argus approached us to ask if they could use the BACA code of practice as the annual pledge commitment by their participating charter brokers, as required by their programme, we felt confident that our priorities were aligned with Argus.”


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