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Bringing aviation into the digital world

Bringing aviation into the digital world

Awery Aviation Software offers a complete integrated web-based flexible and customisable platform that manages the main aviation business processes, boosting productivity, reliability, and efficiency.   

Established in 2009, Awery serves clients around the world, using its experience of over a decade to identify the solutions, concepts and visions that can improve the airfreight sector, moving it into the 21st century.  

Awery’s products have been developed in close cooperation with aviation and logistics companies to reflect up-to-date market demands and to offer tailored complete business cycle solutions with unlimited expansion capabilities.   

Experience-led products  

Awery has built its business around a team of experienced aviation figures: Founder and CEO Vitaly Smilianets has 13 years of background in global aviation software projects and CCO Tristan Koch has 20 years of experience in aviation and air cargo sectors with British Airways, American Airlines, and IAG.  

Awery’s desire to bring in industry experts was shown in the recent appointments of Arnaud Lambert, Ariaen Zimmerman, and Pascal Morvan to its Advisory Board who, collectively, bring 74 years’ IT, air cargo and airline experience to the company, as it rolls out its flagship CargoBooking service.  

CargoBooking is an online booking portal that allows airlines and their General Sales Agents (GSAs) to provide freight forwarders with real-time air cargo rate distribution, quotes, and bookings.  

“The Advisory Board have given us a rounded view of what the industry looks for from a company like Awery,” Koch explained. “Awery wants to become one of the major players in aviation software. To do that, we need to scale quickly by bringing in expertise from outside.”  

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Industry-wide system  

Covering cargo airlines, GSSAs, handling agents, couriers, commercial airlines, private operators, charter brokers, and service providers, Awery has been developed to offer tailored complete business cycle solutions, bringing the entire airfreight industry under one digital umbrella.   

“In general, our solutions can bring more value to companies by making them efficient. For example, CargoBooking ensures people can start working on developing the business itself, instead of spending time communicating via unnecessary emails, phone calls, and so on. However, we recognise that emails will continue to be a part of the air cargo industry for a time, and we have developed solutions such as eMagic, which use artificial intelligence to convert email transactions into digital ones,” Anna Balan, Head of CargoBooking, said.  

However, to achieve this, Awery has to overcome the biggest hurdle in the industry, which is the desire from some to remain stuck in traditional ways that they have become comfortable with over the years. Balan accepts that, of course, “people are used to the old style,” but she is confident that this is the moment leaders can bring new energy to the industry by embracing the opportunities technology offers.  

In Awery’s view, its CargoBooking system has the key benefit of efficiency, seeing it as the best solution for saving time and solving problems that outdated processes simply can’t.  

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Smooth supply chain  

With those in the airfreight industry beginning to realise that they either have to embrace technology or be left behind, Awery can either provide a full suite of IT solutions for them through its system or bridge gaps that they have in their process, making it more seamless.  

“There are hugely different levels of tech in the industry. Some airlines are running off Excel spreadsheets, while others have multi-million-dollar live systems,” Koch explained. “We can link the lowest level of tech to the highest level.” 

With that in mind, Awery shapes its services to fit the needs of the industry, with Balan explaining how they “analyse the market, competitors, and customers” to ensure they are providing “what the industry asks.” 

 Recognising the need for full end-to-end shipment visibility, Awery has an enhanced Track and Trace capability. For this to work, Awery pulls information from multiple sources, rather than just relying on the airline’s system, working with ground handlers and others to provide the fullest possible picture.  

“I’ve worked with GSSAs. I now work with Awery. What I have seen is the people that have really benefited from transparency is the shippers,” Koch said.  

“The whole supply chain has more visibility, and this has changed the way the industry operates. There is now greater cooperation between all players in the supply chain, as each party is able to interact more effectively. Whilst this brings efficiencies, it also brings a new dynamic to these relationships, in as much that, every party can now see what the other party is doing.”

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