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Bring ULD management capabilities to the next level

Bring ULD management capabilities to the next level

To succeed in the highly competitive ULD market, Jettainer is clear that the key is embracing innovation and keeping an ear open to ensure it meets the needs of its customers.

Bringing decades of experience to the industry, Jettainer strives to be close to its customers, hearing and understanding their needs, whichever region they are based in. By keeping a constant eye on the market, Jettainer prides itself on being able to react swiftly and with ease to any adjustments they might need.

“We drive innovation so that we can continue to offer the best possible solutions (technology-dependent & -independent). Thus, we are also constantly developing our existing offer. One example of this is our own IT landscape JettWareNG. With this update, we bring automation of workflows to the next level to make our ULD management even more efficient,” Thorsten Riekert, Chief Sales Officer, Jettainer, said.

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Reliable and flexible

With new entries coming into the market in recent years, Jettainer is looking to remain a key player in the sector by capitalising on the growing demand from airlines turning towards outsourcing.

“Our biggest “competitors” are still the “self handled” inhouse ULD management airlines. However the recent crisis and the ever increasing cost consciousness is leading more and more airlines to the outsourcing route,” Riekert explained.

With its four products, Jettainer offers an ideal set-up. With lease&fly, they offer an entry point and provide customers with adhoc units. For customers with up to 2,000 ULDs, plug&fly is the fastest and easiest way to benefit from its highly efficient ULD management service.

“We help customers optimise the ULD fleet by 15% from the start, saving ULD investment and costs on replacements. This model is deliberately kept seamless to implement and is as lean as possible. The customer remains the owner of the ULDs, and the maintenance and repairs remain their responsibility,” he added.

With ULD Select, Jettainer offers a full-service package with customised modules. As part of this, it makes an in-depth analysis of the airline’s operations and specific ULD needs and puts together the perfect and individual ULD Select package.

Finally, with its cool&fly service, Jettainer provides customers with comprehensive support for the special challenges of managing cool containers.

“With all these offers, we cover a wide range of needs and requirements reliably and flexibly,” Riekert stated. “New customers such as CMA CGM, Avianca or T’way and contract extensions in 2022 prove that we are the global leader in ULD management.”

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Avoiding hurdles and embracing opportunities

Moving ULDs around the world in the most efficient way is Jettainer’s core competence, avoiding falling into the pitfall of the global imbalance in the distribution of ULDs. To dodge this challenge, Jettainer’s experts around the world are close to the customers’ operation. Combined with its AI automated decision support system integrated in its IT solution JettWare, they steer ULDs in a way that the imbalances can be mitigated.

In addition, Jettainer’s global network and the total size of more than 100,000 units are key factors in avoiding being hurt be a ULD imbalance. “This gives us the opportunity for cross-utilisation throughout our customers’ networks. Furthermore, with skypooling we offer a free-to-use platform to share ULDs. The platform makes overstocks and understocks transparent between different airlines at the same airports and automatically matches them to share capacities. This way, airlines can resolve imbalances, eliminate empty transports, and return lost or found units – saving time, capacity, and CO2,” Riekert explains.

The past few years have shown how fragile supply chains can be. Be it the supply chain problems caused by the pandemic or caused by staff shortages last summer. This also inevitably affects the ULD business and many airlines very clearly experienced the problems that a shortage of ULDs can cause. Lack or shortage of ULDs is not an option for either cargo or baggage transportation.

“As a global service provider, we have consistently succeeded in giving our customers a 100 percent ULD availability guarantee at all times. We can quickly respond to changes and offer our customers a reliable alternative when standard solutions reach their limits. To counteract bottlenecks, Jettainer always plans ahead and coordinates very closely with its customers and manufacturers,” Riekert highlighted

Airlines are back on track for growth. Not only in the cargo business, but also in passenger traffic, capacities are growing. “For us, this means that we can once again scale our operations in an optimal way and use our global network even more efficiently. Our ULD management business also continues to grow, as more and more airlines recognize the value of outsourcing this task to an experienced provider. ULD management is our core competence and we can identify exactly where an airline can save costs or operate more sustainably and efficiently,” he continued.

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