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Awery releases OBC platform and courier app to drive live tracking shipment visibility

Awery releases OBC platform and courier app to drive live tracking shipment visibility

Awery Aviation Software (Awery) has launched an onboard courier (OBC) quoting, booking, and tracking platform, supported by a mobile app for couriers, to bridge an industry communication gap flagged by the software developer.  

Awery OBC, the latest addition to the developer’s suite of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, gives OBC providers a centralised system to automate quotes, book couriers, track shipments, and send invoices by digitalising the entire shipment journey.

“Onboard couriers are called in when goods need to get to the final destination quickly and securely, but a lack of visibility and real-time updates on such shipments are causing unnecessary delays and uncertainty for freight forwarders, charter brokers, and shippers,” said Vitaly Smilianets, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Awery.

“Our OBC platform helps close this communication gap by automating tracking with customisable milestones – stakeholders receive shipment location updates by email following each completed milestone, which are signed off by couriers through a mobile app.

“The app also enables couriers to instantly update their availability and pinpoints their live location to the closest airport, all of this information is accessible on the OBC interface, allowing users to track shipments in real-time.”

The platform digitalises the entire shipment journey, allowing OBC providers to search for ticket prices, expedite email quotes with artificial intelligence, choose optimal routings, and select a courier from a comprehensive database that lists their availability status, contact details, base airport, nationality, and service quality ratings.

“As many stakeholders are involved in any one shipment, we wanted to ensure that all OBC providers can access the necessary documents and information in one centralised, easy-to-access place,” said Phaedra den Hertog, Customer Success Officer, Awery.

“The chat function allows users to contact the courier directly through platforms such as WhatsApp, and couriers can confirm shipment acceptance on these messaging services.

“Our software facilitates this communication while ensuring all messages are recorded and linked to the OBC platform, so it all stays tracked and easily searchable.”

A QR code can be shared with stakeholders involved in the last-mile delivery process, enabling them to update shippers and consignees upon achieving crucial milestones, including the final delivery.

The management solution also automates billing and costing, enabling OBC providers to include any additional charges accrued by the courier in the mission expenses itinerary.

Awery is exhibiting at Dubai Airshow this week from the 13-17 November, stand 165, with Smilianets and den Hertog available to offer delegates more information and demonstrations of the OBC platform.

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