Saturday, May 18, 2024
AutoLogic’s solution to spare pax capacity

AutoLogic’s solution to spare pax capacity

AutoLogic Airports has launched a low-cost cargo solution that will enable airports to create a sophisticated cargo facility within months.

iCargo will enable airports to start filling the spare passenger aircraft capacity faced by the industry as a result of the pandemic.

It would also allow airports without previous cargo experience to generate a new revenue stream, desperately needed at this time.

iCargo comprises a prefabricated semi-permanent modular building, cargo hardware and software that can process from 40,000 to 3m tonnes of cargo per annum.

The prefabricated module building takes just weeks to erect, is not subject to the usual planning requirements and has a lifespan of 15 years. The iCargo facility can be fixed directly to a level ground slab, removing the need for bespoke foundations and a lengthy build process.

Hardware available includes Cargo System Conveyors plus EU/TSA Cargo X-ray and Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) and Customs zones. There are also optional UV and Fridge Freezer Solutions.

AI virtual design, performance simulation and digital twins then test the facility before it’s even built, shortening the commissioning time even further.

The end-to-end rapid deployment cargo solution can be fully operational within 6 months.


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