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ALTA’s campaign reinforces the contributions of Brazilian aviation

ALTA’s campaign reinforces the contributions of Brazilian aviation

The Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA) is committed to reinforcing the value of aviation by going beyond the wings that connect destinations. With the institutional support of Embratur, the “Together we fly higher” campaign presents a complete view of the contribution of Brazilian airlines to the country’s development every time an airplane takes off, showing how they contribute to saving lives, helping those most in need, boosting intellectual development and strengthening connections between people and opportunities.

In a world where distances are reduced by the most efficient and safest mode of transport, aviation plays a role that transcends numbers. José Ricardo Botelho, executive director and CEO of ALTA, believes that this industry should be better understood because it has aspects that are often unknown and impact the daily lives of the entire population. “We want to present the role that airlines and the entire aviation ecosystem have for the country. Much of what is done is not widely publicized, but this work, often invisible, positively impacts the lives of thousands of people.”

The campaign invites everyone to look to the sky not just as an airspace, but as a horizon of possibilities and social commitment. “By joining forces with the airline industry and ALTA, Embratur reaffirms its commitment to elevate aviation in Brazil to new heights, flying with the country towards a promising future and prepared to receive more foreign tourists,” says Marcelo Freixo, President of Embratur.

Aviation plays an important role in building life as we know it today. The jobs that permeate airports and airlines, from pilots and flight attendants to aeronautical engineers and air traffic controllers, represent an extensive network of professional opportunities. In addition, aviation facilitates globalization by connecting continents and allowing for the rapid movement of people and goods. The possibilities for learning and cultural exchange are expanded as borders become more accessible. This safe and efficient mode of transportation not only shortens distances but also weaves a great fabric of global connectivity, driving progress and collaboration between nations.

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