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Airfreight seeks to address gender imbalance

Airfreight seeks to address gender imbalance

The gender imbalance in the airfreight industry has been a longstanding issue, but recent years have seen successful initiatives to tackle this disparity and foster diversity. Visible changes in the general demographics reflect the positive impact of these efforts. And, while there is obviously more work ahead, it’s important to recognise and celebrate the progress achieved so far.

“A well-rounded and inclusive workforce is essential for the advancement of any industry, as it introduces a multitude of perspectives, ideas, and approaches,” Michelle Lawrence, ASI’s Director of Marketing, stated.

“Diversity not only stimulates innovation but also amplifies problem-solving skills and refines decision-making processes.

“The global nature and adaptability inherent in this industry are only further enriched by fostering a diverse workforce, contributing to its strength and resilience.

Breaking down barriers

International Women’s Day functions as a concentrated platform for addressing gender diversity issues. It provides a chance to increase awareness, share success stories, and highlight the impactful contributions of women in the sector.

The industry can leverage this day to initiate or strengthen diversity and inclusion initiatives, engage in meaningful dialogue, and commit to long-term actions aimed at fostering a more equitable workforce.

“Women in this field encounter many of the familiar challenges seen across various industries, such as restricted access to mentorship and a shortage of flexible work options,”.

“Overcoming these obstacles requires the adoption of focused recruitment approaches, mentorship initiatives, and flexible work policies.

“Fortunately, these solutions are already being implemented worldwide within the industry, with programs like the WAL Mentorship Program playing a vital role in fostering an inclusive environment.

“Many countries and entities have made considerable strides in promoting diversity and inclusion. Ethiopian Airlines, in particular, has successfully implemented initiatives that significantly improved the representation of women in the traditionally male-dominated aviation sector.

“Alongside the establishment of the STEM School in 2023, targeting underprivileged African youth, with a specific focus on women, Ethiopian Airlines has been actively operating and promoting all-female flights since 2015.”

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