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Aircargo Transport tracks vehicle theft using Vimcar’s GPS-tracking software

Aircargo Transport tracks vehicle theft using Vimcar’s GPS-tracking software

Vimcar, the fleet management software for small- and medium-sized businesses, has been working with international transport service provider Aircargo Transport to optimise its fleets’ route and track its vehicles – enabling the identification and tracking of a stolen vehicle in real time, resulting in minimal cost implications.

Aircargo Transport is an international transport service provider, responsible for the efficient movement of air cargo and special ‘high value shipments’ via a 13-strong fleet of specially designed trucks.

Aircargo Transport initially installed Vimcar’s Fleet Geo to help optimise their fleet’s routes. With a strong focus on improving customer experience, the SaaS plug-and-play solution allowed Aircargo Transport to provide critical, real-time information on the whereabouts of their vehicles and location. Using this information, the team are then able to provide their customers with arrival times, down to the minute – even notifying the organisation when a vehicle had been stolen.

Sven Kirchner, managing director, Aircargo Transport says: “A notification came through to my mobile saying a truck was on the move. After speaking to the driver of the truck, we quickly realised it had been stolen. After a quick call to the police, they were able to track and secure the vehicle using Vimcar’s live tracking functionality before too much damage was done.”

“The truck had only travelled a small distance, but we would never have been able to find it had we not had the Fleet Geo software installed.” Kirchner says.

Ronald Clancy, UK country manager, Vimcar comments: “This is another great example of how businesses can benefit from Vimcar’s easy-to-use solution. As we found in autumn of last year, vehicle misuse threatens to add further economic strain to SMEs in the UK, with vehicle theft costing UK businesses more than £16,000 per year. For those looking into a telematic system, a GPS fleet management system that includes features such as live tracking, geofencing and data exportation would be the best way to curve vehicle theft and misuse.”

Kircher continues: “Our aim is to provide our customers with critical, real-time information about the location of their goods, 24-hours a day. Punctuality is the top priority for us, no plane will wait for our trucks’ cargo. Vimcar’s solution has supported us hugely in optimising our fleets routes and making sure we are arriving on time, every time.”

Founded in Berlin in 2013, Vimcar is the leading provider of fleet telematics solutions to SMEs in its home country of Germany and introduced its Fleet Geo product to the UK market last summer. Vimcar’s SaaS telematics solutions cover all aspects of fleet management, including cost and document management, outlier analysis, CO2 reporting, real-time vehicle tracking, theft warning and route planning. With an emphasis on easy-use, affordability, and strong customer support, its products are perfect for fleets of 1-200 vehicles, particularly for smaller businesses with no dedicated full-time fleet manager. Vimcar aims to redefine fleet management for European SMEs by digitalising the company car of the future.

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