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Air Logistics Group finds growth all over the globe

Air Logistics Group finds growth all over the globe

Air Logistics Group had an exceptional year in 2017 and chief operating officer, Stephen Dawkins says things are unlikely to slowdown any time soon.

The general sales and service agent (GSSA) has a network of 88 offices in 48 countries, stretching across six continents, giving the company an impressive reach.

Dawkins says that all regions of the world are performing well and e-commerce is having a major impact on the industry.

He says: “All regions are seeing a year on year improvement, however there has been key growth from Europe to Asia in the last six months, and of course growth in South East Asia which remains very robust for Air Logistics Group.”

The group’s extensive reach means Dawkins is not concerned about global events including Brexit and the threat of trade wars on business.

He comments: “The airline industry is a global industry so whilst there has always been crises around the world such as the current events of Brexit or trade wars; so that brings new opportunities in other parts of the globe for our airline partners.

“The difference with Air Logistics is that its worldwide reach allows it to compensate in other countries when one country may be in crisis.”

To remain ahead of the competition, Air Logistics Group is making significant investments in its IT platforms to provide what Dawkins describes as a “one stop shop” for airlines and freight forwarders in bookings and reservations and capacity management.

Dawkins says: “We have invested over $8 million in IT development over the last 10 years to interface and interact swiftly with our airline principles. We are able to offer a variable cost and added-value to airlines by being very quick to the market for start-ups.

“We have a rich vein of commercial information and a comprehensive network of 88 offices in 48 countries to provide airlines with this information swiftly.”

The role of the GSSA is changing, they are required to do more than sell, with Dawkins explaining: “Airlines know exactly where their business is, what they demand is an organisation that can knock on the door of companies where that business is. Air Logistics Group has built a global network over the last 24 years and we are really reaping the benefits of bringing cargo to our airline clients from every corner of the world.”

He adds that GSSAs have become the outsourcing companies of choice for airlines, offering additional services including trucking management, data capture, accounting and administration, and IT development.

Dawkins says: “Air Logistics Group is ideally placed to offer all of these services including the ultimate ‘Total Cargo Management’ solution where an airline looks to maximise its revenue and focus on its core passenger business.”


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