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Air cargo industry relies on squAIR-timber lightweight elements from trilatec

Air cargo industry relies on squAIR-timber lightweight elements from trilatec

DHL in Frankfurt and Paris, Kühne + Nagel as well as Lufthansa Cargo, Cargolux and Emirates SkyCargo are just some of the leading air freight players that trilatec supplies with its unique squAIR-timber product. Wooden beams, which are required for the assembly of air freight pallets, can thus be replaced by 80 percent lighter elements made of cardboard fiber composite material.

squAIR-timer is an integral component in the assembly of many shipments and saves fuel costs and CO2 due to its lower weight. The innovative lightweight construction elements from trilatec are made of 100 percent recyclable paper and cold-glued joints, manufactured according to the carbon principle. Despite considerable weight savings, there is no need to compromise on load-bearing capacity. When loaded, one meter of the weatherproof material can carry up to 5 tons with a dead weight of just 1.2 kilograms per meter. When using wood, the dead weight is 3 to 4 kilograms per meter. Once the squAIR-timber has been used, it can be reused or returned to the recycling cycle. The cardboard fiber composite skids are certified for use in air freight and can be placed under all containers and pallets.

“We use the lightweight squAIR-timber elements as a substructure for all pharmaceutical shipments and they are fully integrated into the processes. They have no disadvantages compared to wood, but their significantly lower weight brings many advantages and helps to save a considerable amount of CO2,” says Johannes Bruijs, Sr. Vice-President Global Logistics at Cargolux.

The use of squAIR-timber also saves a lot of time during handling. Only one person and no forklift truck is required for assembling.

“squAIR-timber offers added value to leading companies in the air cargo industry. Our product has proven to be a reliable alternative in their global networks. According to calculations, airlines such as Cargolux can save around 1,200 tons of fuel per year by using our solutions – the equivalent of three fully loaded jumbo jets,” explains Andreas Langemann, Managing Director of trilatec GmbH.

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