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ACE: Air Cargo Community Frankfurt optimises pharma with new IT platform

ACE: Air Cargo Community Frankfurt optimises pharma with new IT platform

All members of the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt are to invest in the optimisation of the ordering process and operation management of pharmaceutical transportation.

These efforts are based on a combined IT platform, which is set to go live and be rolled-out in the summer this year for automated and electronic process support which allows a complete exchange of information between all members of the supply chain.

Air Cargo Community Frankfurt, executive at Fraport and vice chairwoman, Anke Giesen says: “With this new concept, we are able to decrease the complexity of ordering processes and increase reliability and speed at the same time by steering the flow of information of all participants digitally.”

An academic analysis by the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences identified potentials for optimisations, which are now being implemented by community members like airlines, freight handling, forwarding businesses, ground handling services as well as IT and scientific Serivce providers.

Fraport ground handlings services (BVD) and the handling companies Swissport, Celebi, LUG and FCS are currently being audited according to CEIV pharma on behalf of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to confirm the high quality of their pharmaceutical transports.

“The approval of an independent authority will emphasize our competence as Europe’s leading gateway for pharmaceutical products”, says Air Cargo Community Frankfurt executive director, Joachim von Winning.

More than half of the airlines that belong to the community are already certified according to CEIV pharma. This also applies to the Perishable Center and forwarders like Bolloré Logistics.

Meanwhile, Air Cargo Community Frankfurt is unifying the registration process for truck drivers at Frankfurt Airport.

This step aims to reduce the coordination effort between hauliers, forwarders and handling agents by decreasing the duration of stops at the registration within CargoCity.

Currently there are waiting times to be expected with every loading and unloading of carriers that are commissioned by the air freight forwarders.

In the near future, all participants in the supply chain want to use unified paper forms so that each one of them can find the relevant information more quickly. The next step will be the implementation of a digital form by using a cargo community system.

“This will help to improve cooperation between all companies along the supply chain within CargoCity. Being the largest European cargo airport, we aim to optimise our efficiency with the new digital registration process,” explains Air Cargo Community Frankfurt executive, Patrik Tschirch.

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